Pumpkin seed, pumpkin seed kernel, peeled pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed, pumpkin seed kernel, peeled pumpkin seeds

3.50 $  /килограмм
Условия поставки: EXW Днепр
Тимченко Роман Викторович
Тимченко Роман Викторович, директор
на Флагма с 1 августа 2011

The quality indicators of pumpkin seed kernels
Organic, physical and chemical indicators
Grade, the highest: The kernel of pumpkin seeds, variety "Yellow Ukrainian Multiple";
Caliber: 6+;
Appearance: Whole, undamaged pumpkin seed kernels. Halves of pumpkin seed kernels are allowed;
Color: Has a color peculiar to normal peeled pumpkin seed;
Taste, smell: Inherent in the quality kernel pumpkin seeds, without a musty smell of mold. Without external taste;
Moisture content: 3.3%;
Acid number: 3.0 mg;
Mass fraction of oil impurity: 0.5;
Mass fraction of luspinnia, shells or other impurities: 0.3;
The mass fraction of ash does not dissolve in the solution with the mass fraction of hydrochloric acid: None;
Mass fraction of broken kernels: 1.5%;
Mass fraction of trash: 0.1%;
The presence of other side and mineral impurities: None;
Pest contamination or traces of infection: None;
Mass fraction of metallomagnetic impurity: None;
Packaging: A three-ply paper bag of 25 kg.
Price per ton: 3,500$ CFR Istambul

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