Resume from 2 December 2019

Sales manager in Istanbul

I am looking for a job in Istanbul, $1,500, part time
Nasrullaeva Durdona Ustosafarovna
Nasrullaeva Durdona Ustosafarovna 39 years old, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, incomplete higher education
+998 90 186 XX XX

Work experience

Sales manager
6 years 2 mo. Oct 2010 - Dec 2016
Christian Dior , Dubai
6 years 2 mo. Oct 2010 - Dec 2016

❖ Ensuring exceptional service in accordance with the corporate standards for excellence. Providing personalized assistance to customers, with the goal of ensuring a positive shopping experience and establishing client’s loyalty.
❖ Provide excellent services with personalized appointments to VIC and VIP according to Dior standards.
❖ Responsible of weekly reports and monthly inventories for leather goods and Dior Homme departments. Achieving sales targets and generate profits.
❖ Apply standards for greeting and attentiveness to details, Fashion consultancy, cross selling and closing sales.
❖ Handling customer complaints and feedbacks, building positive relationships with them.
❖ Following up all media advertising, new collections and promotion merchandising.

Incomplete higher education

Cambrige , dubai
2 mo. Apr 2007 - Jun 2007


English - advanced, Turkish - advanced, Russian - advanced, Arabic - basic

Additional information

❖ Ability to deal with local and foreign customer and agents either through telephone.
❖ Good experience concerning administrative work.
❖ Quick adaptation to new circumstances and work system.
❖ Customer service skills (friendly, courteous and helpful).
❖ Ability to interpret technical instructions.
❖ Demonstrate creative and independent thinking.
❖ Excellent problem solving skills.
❖ Report writing.
❖ Have the ability to work under pressure.
❖ Interested in positive social attitude towards people.
❖ Computer skills ( MS office, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel , Operating systems, Internet).

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