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Менеджер по снабжению и логистике в Стамбуле

ищу работу в Стамбуле, Анкаре, Измире, 1 000 €, полная занятость
Garayev Elchin Arif 42 года, Баку, Азербайджан, высшее образование
+994 70 377 XX XX

Опыт работы

Venue Telecom Manager
7 мес Янв 2015 - Авг 2015
Euro Design, Baku
7 мес Янв 2015 - Авг 2015
• Monitoring and supervising all staff
• Deal with email and telephone enquiries
• Implement staff rotes for shifts
• Ensure hours worked by staff are calculated for the wages to be processed
• Authorize annual leave and keep associated records
• Deal with any day to day issues if any
• Control and maintain all required paperwork
• Plan and jointly chair a weekly staff meeting
• Excellent organizational skills
• Ability to communicate well with a wide range of different ages
• Flexible approach to working hours
• Computer literate, including Microsoft Works, Office, Excel
Procurement & Logistics Manager
5 лет 7 мес Янв 2015 - Настоящее время
Chain of restaurants “Shaurma N1”, Baku
5 лет 7 мес Янв 2015 - Настоящее время
• Develop and maintain strong relationships with key suppliers and maintain regular contact with other non-key suppliers to enable execution of our strategies.
• Develop and maintain a strong understanding of supply and demand fundamentals to enable excellent material sourcing decisions and job bid advice.
• In conjunction with each business unit, develop and implement annual supply strategy for material needs. Manage and adjust the strategy throughout the year.
• Provide material price and risk advice for larger projects during bidding to ensure competitiveness.
• Secure supply (provide advisory services for business units to secure or negotiate volume, price, payment terms, etc. for managed supply) consistent with strategies and forecasts, price supply to the divisions/plants when necessary, and manage long/short position to ensure competitive, stable supply.
• Optimize the current purchase order system to enhance accounting processes.
Project Specialist
3 года 11 мес Янв 2012 - Дек 2015
Property Committee, Baku
3 года 11 мес Янв 2012 - Дек 2015
• Thorough and timely response to collegial, other Committee personnel, constituent and trustee requests
• Ability to balance and prioritize multiple tasks
• Maintain accurate and complete records that adhere to internal and any relevant external policies and procedures
• Assistance with updating, integration and training of new staff, and database cleaning, upgrade, and screening
• Support in strengthening relationships with officials, consultants, etc. as needed
• Assistance in preparation of statistical and survey data as needed
• Attendance at daily meetings as appropriate
• Contribution to the team effort, including assistance with other duties and functions as may be required
Enterprise Solutions Engineer
1 год Дек 2011 - Дек 2012
Azerfon LLC, Baku
1 год Дек 2011 - Дек 2012
• Provide pre-sales support and develop network architecture based on all technologies
• All networking products installation, configuration, evaluation, selection and demo;
• Develop, implement and troubleshoot network infrastructure which includes firewall, routers, switches;
• Identify, research, evaluate, recommend and develop new technology. Evaluates emerging network technologies and make recommendations on their viability.
• Provide project management and develop project charters
• Provide network consulting services on assessment and implementation for enterprise customers based on requirements and technologies fit
• Calculating budget of technical sides of products, work with Sales Manager to develop business and technical analysis and provide product support.
• Network and Equipment Presentation
• Having experience architecting, deploying and supporting large enterprise networking infrastructures with multiple sites;
• Good understanding on product sales processes and experience in working with system integrator;
• Extensive working knowledge and understanding of TCP/IP, DNS, WINS and DHCP, particularly as it relates to Microsoft technologies;
• Expert in WAN, LAN, firewall, load balancing and other network technologies and concepts
• Document, communicate and ensure compliance with network architecture and design.
• Strong and effective interpersonal skills with comfort in delivering presentations to groups
• Motivated self-starter with the ability to work autonomously and as part of a team
• Ability to meet deadlines and adjust to changing priorities to meet business goals
• Demonstrated strong customer service orientation.
Terminal and Sim Cards Test Engineer
11 мес Янв 2011 - Дек 2011
Azerfon LLC, Baku
11 мес Янв 2011 - Дек 2011
• Testing and troubleshooting devices and SIM software issues. The overall team is responsible for evaluating the performance for new products and submitting issues internally for resolution.
• Responsible for defining the range of tests, the amount of effort and execution and provide daily reporting within test execution cycles.
• A strong track record of mobile handset testing on live and simulated networks, both stationary and in the field
• Experience ideally gained from time working with Carriers or Manufacturers (ideally both)
• Experience with SIM Card readers/writers
• Experience with SIM logging equipment
• Communications of different SIM card vendors
• Knowledge of Proactive SIM commands: Display Text, Refresh, Terminal Profile
• Broad knowledge of all recent smartphones
• Broad knowledge of all smartphone Operating Systems: (Nokia, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Android)
• Knowledge of logging smartphones and mobile devices
Service Problem Management Coordinator
1 год 11 мес Янв 2010 - Дек 2011
Azerfon LLC, Baku
1 год 11 мес Янв 2010 - Дек 2011
• Single point of contact for one or more problems
• Responsible for Ownership and Coordination of actions of those problems
• To analyze root cause, identify Known Error and coordinating actions to fix the error.
• To review the Problem Trends and Planning and Driving Improvement Plan
• To be proactive in identifying problems, analyze and recommend Service Improvement plans with the possible solutions obtained from technical teams for department or business unit
• Identifies trends and potential Problem sources (by reviewing Incident by drive test engineer and Problem analysis)
• Prevents the replication of Problems across multiple systems
• Reviews the efficiency and effectiveness of the Problem control process
• Monitors the effectiveness of error control and makes recommendations for improvements
• Maintains inventory of problems under analysis and their current progress and status
• Follows up issues and progress with problem owners where necessary
• Produces Problem Management reports and management information, adding problems to the Google Earth.
• Coordinates meetings to resolve problems
Administrative Engineer
1 год 11 мес Янв 2009 - Дек 2010
Azerfon LLC, Baku
1 год 11 мес Янв 2009 - Дек 2010
• Follows up and collaborates with department heads and managers to keep advised of the status of correspondence, agenda items and other related matters delegated for action or response
• Prepares a variety of drafts and finished documents and informational materials, which may include Board reports, technical content, legal content and terminology related to the activities of the Department, materials for meetings, and agenda items, from notes, research, brief instructions, prior drafts;
• Reviews and/or edits documents for completeness, accuracy, format, compliance with policies and procedures, and appropriate Azeri and English usage
• Composes and edits correspondence from brief oral or written instructions for management signature; if directed, may sign routine correspondence without management review
• Works with District staff as well as the public to address concerns as directed
• Relieves managers of certain administrative matters by transmitting information and staying informed of pertinent activities and performing general administrative functions (e.g., Department files and mail, receiving telephone calls)
• Control and inventory all technical equipment and devices in warehouse.
• Create MSR on subcontractor’s request and provide Subcontractors with equipment and devises.
Implementation Engineer
1 год 11 мес Янв 2008 - Дек 2009
Azerfon LLC, Baku
1 год 11 мес Янв 2008 - Дек 2009
• Establish networking environment by designing system configuration; directing system installation; defining, documenting, and enforcing system standards.
• Maximize network performance by monitoring performance; troubleshooting network problems and outages; scheduling upgrades;
• Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
• Reporting network operational status by gathering, prioritizing information; managing projects.
Office Manager
1 год 11 мес Янв 2006 - Дек 2007
1 год 11 мес Янв 2006 - Дек 2007
organising meetings
arranging appointments
booking transport and accommodation
ordering stationery and furniture
dealing with correspondence, complaints and queries
preparing letters, presentations and reports
supervising and monitoring the work of secretarial, clerical and administrative staff
liaising with staff, suppliers and clients
implementing and maintaining procedures/office administrative systems
delegating tasks to junior employees
organising induction programmes for new employees
ensuring that health and safety policies are up to date
using a range of software packages
handling staff recruitment and appraisals
attending meetings with senior management
keeping personnel records
Procurement Manager
1 год 11 мес Янв 2005 - Дек 2006
Studio “Interdesign”, Baku
1 год 11 мес Янв 2005 - Дек 2006
• Establish procurement strategies for acquisition, receiving and tracking of project materials with management that optimize quality, cost, and timely delivery criteria.
• Work collaboratively with management and the Design team to coordinate supplier selection, credit and terms, track supplier performance standards, and conduct ongoing evaluation. Conduct research via the Internet, catalogues, trade publications, and trade shows to identify potential suppliers. Interview prospective suppliers either face-to-face or over the phone to determine prices, discounts, terms, etc. Create spreadsheets with vendor & product or service comparisons of prospective suppliers to support management decisions.
• Prepare, maintain and review purchasing files and records, price lists, the status of requisitions, contracts and orders, locate suppliers, approve bills for payment, monitor subcontractor performance, calculate the cost of orders, ensure invoices are charged to the appropriate accounts, and monitor inventory transfer forms for bookkeeping records.
• Prepare procurement execution plans and oversee the full array of materials management and procurement functions of purchasing, expediting, shipping, receipt and inspections, and logistics.
• Supervise and direct warehouse personnel, and assist where necessary, the receipt of materials from suppliers, kitting of project materials, loading of Dovetail vehicles for project construction.
• Develop plans for the effective organization and temporary storage of project materials and general inventories at various company and/or independent warehouse locations. Ensure maintenance of accurate records for all stored materials, and the safe, secure and orderly upkeep of Dovetail warehouses.
• Optimize the material and supplier portfolio – that is what materials should be bought in bulk and consumed as needed from inventory by projects, and which materials are best to acquire as needed for specific projects. Establish stocking criteria, replenishment levels, inventory management, and tracking and reporting procedures.
• Collaborate with management in the negotiation of contracts and lines of credit with suppliers and subcontractors.
• Support, and in some cases lead, cost reduction efforts.
• Prepare and communicate to the Sales, Design and Construction teams product directions,
• availability, lead times, model transitions, and cost roadmaps for key materials.
• Monitor and support returns, damage replacements, and warranty claims.
Planning specialist
3 года 11 мес Янв 2002 - Дек 2005
3 года 11 мес Янв 2002 - Дек 2005
• directs and coordinates field activities of workers who route and control flow of oil and petroleum products through pipelines from point of origin, such as wells and storage tanks to delivery points, such as terminals, carriers, refineries, and tank farms, according to delivery schedules: Reviews oil movement schedules and notifies field personnel, such as dIispatcher,relay; station engeneer, main line and gaugers, by teletype, telephone, and field radio as to type and quantities of oil to be moved, facilities and storage stock to be used, destinations, operating procedures, and pumping and delivery schedules.
• studies data on oil and oil movement, such as temperatures, pressures, specific gravities, sediment and contamination content, and pumping rates, and ensures compliance with schedules and contract specifications by dispatching instructions to field personnel to increase or decrease pumping rates and pressures, to switch and inject feeder streams of crude and blend oil, and to gauge and test oil.
• compares pumping reports with delivery reports to ascertain quantity of oil delivered.
• computes data for production reports and for instruction changes relative to pumping rates and pressures, using calculator and slide rule.
• when scheduling and directing movement of petroleum products through processing, storage, and shipping departments of refineries, may be designated dispatcher, refinery.

Высшее образование

Azerbaijan State Economic University, Baku
Finance- credit
3 года 9 мес Сен 1995 - Июн 1999

Знание языков

Английский - средний, Русский - продвинутый, Азербайджанский - продвинутый, Турецкий - средний
Номер резюме: 892 | просмотров: 31

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